Fundraising Children Mac Cupcake Fundraising Success

Looking for ways to raise money?

Let the Macaroni & Cheese Factory help. We pride ourselves in making a difference. Fundraising for schools, clubs, communities, athletic organizations, etc., can be fun and easy with The Macaroni & Cheese Factory on your team.

We can make your next fundraising event profitable! Here are a few steps to get you started

  • Book our Macaroni & Cheese Factory Truck at your next event, and we will donate 10%-15% of total sales right back to your organization!

  • We request that you help promote the event by using flyers, emails, social media, word-of-mouth, etc.

The following are only a few non-profit organizations /groups that will qualify for our fundraising program:

  • Schools

  • Churches/Religious Organizations

  • Sports Booster, Little Leagues

  • Youth Groups

  • PTA / PTO

  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts

  • Corporate-sponsored charities

  • Any non-profit groups that require fundraising

Please click here to contact us or call 855-524-3373 to schedule your fundraiser event today!